Block EVERY Threat

The only solution that blocks every threat from every path in your network.

Block threats before they reach your security stack

Networks relying primarily on archaic firewall technology without including other more modern security layers like ThreatBlockr® are easy prey for cyber criminals. Firewalls are easily blinded by encrypted attacks. They’re easily traversed by port forwarding fragmented packet attacks. They’re often misconfigured. They can also get confused by simple extended web and messaging protocols. Side channel attacks, BYOD, and WFH all compound the problem.

Organizations use ThreatBlockr® to gain instant network protection without having to drastically re-engineer their existing security stacks, whether they are on-premise, in the cloud, or both. Fix your security stack by deploying ThreatBlockr® today, and get back to working with the confidence that you’re secure, wherever you are.

With ThreatBlockr®, you will:

Enable an ideal protected network while improving firewall efficiency

Seamlessly integrate into and enhance your existing security stack

Mitigate false positives quickly and intuitively using automation saving time and resources

An active defense that
blocks every threat
in real time

Want proof we can make you more secure?

We’ll show you what ThreatBlockr® would have blocked above and beyond what your firewall did.

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Threats Blocked Yesterday

Yesterday: 27.2 B

Threats Blocked Last 7 Days

11.29.2022 27.2 B
11.28.2022 27.2 B
11.27.2022 26.8 B
11.26.2022 26.6 B
11.25.2022 27.2 B
11.24.2022 27 B
11.23.2022 27.2 B

50+ Integrations to Sync and Share

ThreatBlockr® has built-in support for most popular apps and common connectors, so you can maximize value and share data across all your tools.

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