The Power of Flexibility: Auto-Detect for ThreatBlockr Edge

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Recently, we launched a new software feature called auto-detect. With auto-detect, you can now deploy ThreatBlockr Edge software on any commercial-off-the-shelf hardware that meets certain minimum system requirements (CPU, memory, storage, NIC cards, etc). 

Auto-detect is a powerful feature that further expands the deployment options for ThreatBlockr Edge software. ThreatBlockr Edge software deployment options include:

  • Customer-provided hardware given current global supply chain issues
  • Third-party hardware provided by ThreatBlockr
  • Virtual environments (VMware and KVM)
  • Cloud environments (AWS and Azure)
  • Cloud-based service hosted by the customer or ThreatBlockr.

Importantly, leveraging the centralized management capabilities of our SaaS-based platform customers can easily manage and control ThreatBlockr Edge deployments across any mix of these environments.

Why Deployment Flexibility is Critical When It Comes to Threat Protection

The ability to flexibly deploy protection from cyber threats is increasingly critical in today’s environment where applications, data, and users are everywhere. 

  • Applications and data are increasingly distributed across on-premises and cloud environments, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and public cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. 
  • Users accessing applications and data have never been more distributed. The exponential increase in remote workers has increased the burden on organizations to secure a dynamic and diverse mix of users accessing applications and data remotely (i.e. home, local coffee shops, etc) in addition to traditional office environments.

The end result is a significantly expanded attack surface that requires organizations to deploy consistent protections from today’s unrelenting cyber attacks. ThreatBlockr’s flexible deployment options provides organizations the ability to deploy powerful active defense capabilities to protect applications, data, and users where they are.

Flexibility is a Key Characteristic of ThreatBlockr

Flexibility is consistently one of the top positive attributes we hear from customers when they describe ThreatBlockr. While this blog focused on deployment flexibility, there are other important elements of flexibility. These include:

  • Cyber intelligence flexibility with the ability to easily use cyber intelligence from any source to block threats.
  • Licensing flexibility with our subscription model allows customers to align costs with usage requirements while also providing the freedom to move licenses between our multiple deployment options (i.e. from on-premises to cloud).

For more information on how you can leverage ThreatBlockr as a foundational layer of an active defense strategy, check out our recent blog – How Automated Cyber Intelligence Can Protect You From Zero-Day & Advanced Threats.

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