ThreatBlockr: New Name, Same Commitment to Block. Every. Threat

ThreatBlockr new identity announcement

Brian McMahon, CEO

I’m excited to announce our new company identity: ThreatBlockr

Bandura Cyber is now ThreatBlockr

Over the past two years, our team has been relentlessly focused on making ThreatBlockr a more powerful, easier to use product that can be deployed and scaled efficiently. We’ve significantly changed the ThreatBlockr value proposition and we are now ready to align our product with a new brand that captures our mission: to Block. Every. Threat. 

Rebranding from Bandura Cyber to ThreatBlockr signifies our continued commitment to provide cyber intelligence and active defense against modern-day threats. Today’s threat landscape is immense, making active defense cybersecurity more important than ever and emphasizing the need for our flagship product.

Our company is entering into this new era with more than $5 million in new funding, led by Gula Tech Adventures, Tenfore Holdings, Saul Holding, and Lord Baltimore Capital Partners, along with other existing and new investors. We’re grateful for the opportunity to use these funds to grow our team and continue to innovate on our active threat defense platform. 

Along with additions to funding, ThreatBlockr has recently added a few new team members. This growth included bringing on two key executives to our team. George Just came on as our Chief Revenue Officer, bringing over 20 years of experience in Network and Security startups (including experiences with Oracle, Nokia, and Alcatel), and Courtney Brady joined us as VP of Marketing with 15 years of Cybersecurity marketing experience (including experiences with Imperva, Source Defense, and NoFraud). Adding George and Courtney to the team is already making us better and we’re excited to see them continue to grow into their roles and make a huge impact at ThreatBlockr!

ThreatBlockr Today

While most cyber products are reactive, identifying threats that have already entered a network and alerting a human of the threat, ThreatBlockr takes a different approach by blocking known bad traffic before it hits the network. Our solution also focuses on blocking against both inbound and outbound actions. 

ThreatBlockr works to:

  1. Enable an ideal protected network while improving firewall efficiency.
  2. Seamlessly integrate into and enhance your existing security stack. 
  3. Mitigate false positives quickly and intuitively using automation, saving time and resources.

What we do is simple: We block known bad traffic – BEFORE it hits your network – and we ensure that known good traffic will always be allowed. Everything on the Internet comes down to an IP address. Our 50+ partners (with many more to come) are working 24×7 to identify the MILLIONS of known bad IP addresses on the Internet – yet traditional security controls are limited to 150,000 externally configured third party IP addresses. This makes no sense and it’s why we exist. We can support over 150M (1000x more than traditional security controls) – all in real time – without adding any latency.

Over the past three years, we’ve seen an increase in things like Managed Detection and Response – using people behind technology to solve cyber problems. We’ve also seen significant growth in spot applications and single-point solutions – e.g. detecting one specific threat or protecting a specific protocol. But not much progress has been made in autonomous cyber tech – using software to AUTOMATE the process of cyber protection. Cyber attacks are countless – and growing – we can’t keep sending data to a Security Operation Center to make a decision. If you know traffic is bad, block it.

My Journey with ThreatBlockr

This unique and effective approach is what drew me to the company in the first place. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with small, cutting-edge startups and large technology companies like AOL, Verizon, and MapQuest. Some of these companies had massive troves of data – and had the tools to protect it. But even the biggest organizations with huge security teams still have to deal with common security problems: Firewalls are easily blinded by encrypted attacks. They’re easily traversed by port forwarding fragmented packet attacks. They’re often misconfigured. They can also get confused by simple extended web and messaging protocols. Side channel attacks, BYOD, and – especially in the wake of COVID-19 – work-from-home policies all compound the problem.

In late 2019, I was introduced to Bandura Cyber (now ThreatBlockr) and fell in love with the simplicity of the technology and the significant impact it could add to any organization within minutes. Having worked in data-driven roles on both the business and technology sides of companies of all sizes – and having seen first-hand how the traditional approach to cybersecurity was no longer keeping pace – I felt that a solution as simple and powerful as ThreatBlockr was needed in the market. I joined as CEO in October of 2019 and have been focusing on enhancing the product offering since.

ThreatBlockr Tomorrow

This news is big for us today, but where do we see the company heading tomorrow?

Our team will continue to grow and we have some incredible things in store for the product. Our job is to make our customers safer and their day to day lives easier. And now that we’ve spent the last two years pouring our time and resources into creating an excellent product, we’re excited about the opportunity to tell the world about it with the expansion of our sales and marketing teams. 

We’re committed to building a scalable, effective, comprehensive platform. We’re committed to Block. Every. Threat. And our new identity is just the next step in that commitment. Get in touch or schedule a demo today.