ThreatBlockr + ThreatQuotient: Threat Intelligence-Fueled Protection

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An Ongoing Blog Series Highlighting ThreatBlockr’s Best-In-Class Threat Intelligence

Continuing with our ongoing TIP partner integrations, today we are excited to  introduce our newest partner, ThreatQuotient. Not only does ThreatQuotient have a really powerful threat intelligence platform (TIP) solution that integrates with ThreatBlockr, but they also do amazing things for our planet. Check out their amazing work with Helping Rhinos! It’s really great to be associated with awesome people! to our TECHNICAL relationship! 🙂 

ThreatBlockr and ThreatQuotient

ThreatBlockr and ThreatQuotient have partnered to make threat intelligence more actionable in an effort to further fuel threat-centric security operations. This powerful integration enables organizations to strengthen network defense by proactively integrating threat intelligence from ThreatQ’s Threat Library into the ThreatBlockr platform. Additionally, ThreatQ users can easily create automated IP and domain blocklists, based on prioritized data collections.

When deployed in your network, ThreatBlockr and ThreatQuotient work together to protect your network in the following ways:

  • ThreatBlockr integrates threat intelligence from ThreatQ and other sources to block up to 150 million known malicious IPs and domains before they hit your network
  • ThreatQ automatically updates intelligence in the ThreatBlockr platform, ensuring real time network protection and reduced manual workloads
  • Threat intelligence-driven context from the network edge via the ThreatBlockr platform enhances the value of ThreatQ threat intelligence with increased visibility into malicious IP and domain activity on your network.

Additionally, ThreatBlockr integrates with ThreatQuotient’s open and extensible ThreatQ platform, making security operations more efficient and effective by automating actions and workflows so that tools and people can work in unison.

Learn more about the ThreatBlockr and ThreatQuotient partnership.

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In our coming blogs, we will highlight more of our TIP integrations and partners.

If you are interested in learning more about how organizations are using ThreatBlockr to make threat intelligence actionable in a simple and scalable way join us for our upcoming webinar – Making Threat Intelligence Actionable for Financial Services. We promise you don’t have to be a financial services organization to get value out of this webinar!

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