ThreatBlockr® Customer Testimonials

Every day, enterprises use ThreatBlockr® to increase their security posture and automatically block what gets through their existing security stack. Read on to hear from real ThreatBlockr® customers and see case studies that reveal how organizations like yours have benefited from using ThreatBlockr®.

“Having ThreatBlockr® deployed inline between the Internet & our firewall allows us to take a load off the firewall from a threat intelligence perspective and frees up resources for the firewall to do faster SSL inspection.”

“Before ThreatBlockr®, we were taking in public & government feeds but didn’t have room for industry-specific feeds, Webroot / DomainTools, or what we examined through our own malware analysis.”

“My network guys are happy that we put ThreatBlockr® in place – ThreatBlockr® blocks 1.1B threats per month that don’t hit the firewall resulting in firewall CPU & memory utilization efficiencies.”

- Anders CPA

“We use Meraki and ThreatBlockr. And we would never consider using Meraki without ThreatBlockr being in front of them. It would be impossible to manage and nowhere near secure.”

Case Studies

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