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About ThreatBlockr®

Leading the Open Threat
Intelligence Enforcement Revolution

ThreatBlockr® is the only active defense cybersecurity platform that fully automates the enforcement, deployment and analysis of cyber intelligence at a massive scale. As the foundational layer of an active defense strategy, ThreatBlockr®’s patented solution blocks known threats from ever reaching customers’ networks. ThreatBlockr® utilizes immense volumes of cyber intelligence from over 50 renown security vendors to provide unparalleled visibility over the threat landscape resulting in a more efficient and effective security posture. Security teams at companies of all sizes use ThreatBlockr® to deploy active security, gain real-time network visibility into threats and policy violations, ensure their network is protected and reduce manual work. Block. Every. Threat. at

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Company Story

Why We Exist

In an ever-changing cyber landscape, companies can no longer protect against real-time data threats with legacy solutions and reactivity. Relentless cyber attacks require real-time intelligence that draws from the very best sources and automated protection that defends in every moment.

Security conscious organizations seeking to increase the level of threat intelligence protection face the difficult challenge of effectively integrating dozens of threat intelligence tools into their security stack and making sense of the data within their unique context. This is why we built ThreatBlockr® to make threat intelligence actionable and available for every enterprise defender.

Our Mission

Enable all companies to use open threat intelligence and to make threat intelligence actionable in an easy, open, automated, and scalable way.

Who Are We

ThreatBlockr® is led by experts with decades of experience across threat intelligence, blockchain, geospatial technology and engineering domains. We are dedicated practitioners, passionate about making open source threat intelligence actionable and operational for the enterprise.

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