ThreatBlockr Announces Milestone of Blocking One Billion Threats Per Day


The company also doubles down on support for higher education institutions as the industry continues to face rising threats

May 24, 2023, Tysons VA – Today, ThreatBlockr, the autonomous cyber intelligence and active threat defense platform, announced its state-of-the-art platform continues to block, on average, over one billion threats every day. This comes as ThreatBlockr recognizes the importance of security in the education sector as higher education institutions continue to see a rise in cyberattacks. The company’s unique ability to leverage cyber intelligence from many sources, remove known malicious traffic and its scalable infrastructure provides organizations with unmatched cyber intelligence to protect against any threat.

“We are proud to say we’ve helped over a dozen universities fully protect their security stack by blocking billions of threats with our platform. Unfortunately, IT teams cannot control everything that comes in or goes out of the network. Due to the nature of higher education, the goal is to remain as open as possible while still staying secure,” said Brian McMahon, CEO of ThreatBlockr. 

As the platform continuously blocks billions of threats, it’s able to also feed intelligence to other security stack technologies to improve their intelligence. ThreatBlockr eliminates known-bad traffic from the equation, ensuring customers are more protected in every direction without constant monitoring, thus freeing up both technological and human resources. 

The education sector faces a myriad of cybersecurity challenges, such as tight budgets, almost universal bring-your-own-device policies, and overstretched security staff. ThreatBlockr understands security investment decisions are more critical than ever, which is why they are helping organizations streamline the security stack so technology can work at full capacity. In fact, within minutes of obtaining a top university’s firewall data, there were 6,139,246 bad connections identified that ThreatBlockr would have blocked if the solution was in use. Claflin University saw this firsthand as ThreatBlockr was able to stop over two million threats on the first day alone.

“Across the board, educational institutions are struggling to maintain IT people as they are drawn to larger organizations with more resources. When challenged with limited resources from a people, cost, and services perspective, our partnership with ThreatBlockr enables us to keep our security standards up and maintain a network that keeps our university running,” said Joey Brenn, Associate VP for IT at Claflin University.

Higher education organizations have some of the widest threat surfaces and most valuable data sets. This is why ThreatBlockr for Higher Education includes a number of tools to help minimize unexpected blocks while also leveraging up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to block known threat actors from entering or exiting the network. 

With ThreatBlockr’s platform continuously blocking billions of threats daily and producing high-quality alerts, ThreatBlockr becomes the first and last line of protection against threat actors for all organizations. 

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