Data Sheet

ThreatBlockr + AIG CyberMatics Data Sheet

ThreatBlockr is a technology partner for AIG’s CyberMaticsSM. CyberMatics is an award-winning, technology-driven process that provides organizations with timely insights and tailored analytics so it can verify its cyber risk posture, prioritize which controls need to change and better invest in its overall cybersecurity program.

To break it down simply, ThreatBlockr works together with AIG’s underwriting model, with vast, real-time threat data, to analyze participating customers’ cybersecurity posture and determine a “cyber risk profile.” This risk profile consists of threat and impact scores, benchmarking data and recommended actions for improvement, and is delivered to clients via the AIG Cyber Client Portal. Here, CyberMatics customers can also run forecasting reports to model the potential impact of implementing recommended actions, view previous reports and get in touch with AIG’s Cyber Risk Advisors for one-on-one support.

Together, AIG’s CyberMatics with ThreatBlockr can:

  • Make threat intelligence actionable to block known threats before they hit your network
  • Potentially improve your organization’s cyber risk scores and better protect your network from cyber attacks
  • Impress your boss with your security savvy, become a company-wide hero, and get an awesome raise & promotion*(*This claim has not been substantiated nor is it guaranteed….but who knows, you’ll probably still get the girl or guy in your story!)

If you would like to know more about how you can use the ThreatBlockr platform to protect your business click here.

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