Threat Blocking-as-a-Service

Handle threat management the easy way with Threat Blocking-as-a-Service.

Our Threat Blocking-as-a-Service (also known as TBaaS) model consolidates threat intelligence and blocks all known threat actors before they hit your security stack, giving your network unparalleled protection from top to bottom.

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Full-Coverage Threat Blocking

Threat actors have never been more sophisticated nor well-trained. With just a few simple keystrokes, they can gain access to your ever-widening attack surface and wreak havoc, sidelining productivity and forcing your company into a situation where you need to pay a ransom or lose access to sensitive data.

It’s happened countless times over the last few years, including in well-known breaches like the Marriott hack of 2022, which affected hundreds of millions of customer booking records.

In combating this, threat intelligence alone isn’t enough. Reactive strategies alone are falling short time after time. Your organization must know how to block these threats proactively, and how to do it without jeopardizing the rest of your responsibilities — that’s a tough ask.

That’s where ThreatBlockr comes in. The ThreatBlockr network security solution sits as a protective layer over your whole technology stack, repelling threat actors with the most updated threat intelligence available.

What is Threat Blocking-as-a-Service?

Threat Blocking-as-a-Service is a way to help organizations manage an ever-increasing amount of cybersecurity risks without placing excess responsibility on overstretched in-house IT teams.

Like any “as-a-service” model, threat blocking exists to save your teams more time. Threat Blocking-as-a-Service gives your organization the power to leverage specialized cybersecurity expertise and intelligence without requiring additional employee resources to manage it.

By engaging with an organization that has the in-depth experience required to build and execute an active defense for your business, you can ensure ongoing protection without compromising your budget.

How it works

ThreatBlockr blocks what your security stack cannot

ThreatBlockr is a threat intelligence management service that blocks both inbound and outbound threats on your network. This service works with your existing security stack by blocking threat actors before they can even access your network.

Threat Intelligence Management

Leveraging more than 50 world-class cyber intelligence feeds, ThreatBlockr inspects, blocks, and logs every known threat. This intelligence is updated automatically, providing up-to-the-minute protection for the fast-changing threat landscape organizations face.

This ensures it’s keeping up with cyber criminals, who are continually changing their approach and methods to test the security of your network.

In addition, ThreatBlockr can be integrated with more than 50 different services, tools, and connectors, including:

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Threat Blocking Platform

Threat Blocking Platform

Our practical and easy-to-use Threat Blocking-as-a-Service platform provides your business with an intuitive management hub. There, you can see all data points and any blocked threats that have attempted to penetrate your network. This low-touch management solution provides transparency and gives the rest of your security stack the ability to work at peak capacity.

Expertise 24/7

Our threat blocking service has been developed and backed by experts at every step. By leveraging the ThreatBlockr platform, you gain access to an external cybersecurity team who can expertly manage your business’s network security needs.

This is significantly cheaper and more effective than relying solely on in-house resources. Cybersecurity is a complex responsibility and tends to take up time that your stretched in-house team just doesn’t have. Our solution helps ensure you never miss maintenance or updates, which are critical to keeping your company protected.

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Threat Reporting And Analysis

Threat Blocking-as-a-Service helps your team identify potential areas of risk by recognizing and classifying threats your organization has faced.

Too often, security teams are forced to sift through vast amounts of alerts and security data from their stack. This can lead to confusion and ultimately missing threats coming into their network. ThreatBlockr’s reporting and analytics are laid out clearly and simply. And by reducing the load on the rest of the security stack, those systems can also provide better details on your organization’s security posture.

Put Our Award-Winning Threat Blocking Platform to Work

The ThreatBlockr platform has been recognized for its unparalleled visibility into the cybersecurity threat landscape facing businesses today. With our growing list of partners and integrations, we make it easy to enhance your security in a way that gives you more intelligence and data with less work required from your in-house team.

Ready to see how it works?

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